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Doreen Meister ,



I have been receiving the healing benefits of my creative expression long before I began my journey as an expressive arts therapist. As my education and experience grow, I have a language, understanding and direct experience for the myriad of ways that engaging in creative expression benefits us individually and collectively.


Using creative expression as a resource wasn't always my experience. At age 17 I believed "I can't draw, I'm not creative."


... until I was asked, "Have you ever tried?"


"No" was my reply.


"Then how do you know you're not creative?"


I was dumbstruck by the clear wisdom in the question. From that moment, "Let me see if I like doing this" became my new approach to engaging creative pursuits.


I began designing jewelry from silver wire and found objects. I discovered the joys of painting by playing with colors, emotions and movement on canvas. Most recently I am enchanted with coiling fine silver wire around plastic bags. Common to each medium I work with is the process of emergence from the unknown, in which the design and shape unfold as I immerse myself in the moment-by-moment experience of creation.


I received my MA in Counseling Psychology from JFK University and currently serve as an MFT Intern at the Blue Oak Therapy Center in Oakland. I am supervised by Cheryl Krauter MFT.

American Dream (2004)

Acrylics, ink and molding paste



Yellow Movement






"Bird Cage" Pendants

Sterling silver wire




Plastic newspaper bags coiled with fine silver wire

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The expressive arts combine the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development. IEATA encourages an evolving multimodal approach within psychology, organizational development, community arts and education. By integrating the arts processes and allowing one to flow into another, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, clarity, illumination and creativity.



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