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The IEATA Newsletter

The newsletter is a forum for IEATA professional, student, and supporting members to connect, exchange ideas, network, and stay current on the latest developments in the field of Expressive Arts. It is published bi-annually by the IEATA Publications Committee. Submissions are welcome from any current IEATA member and from those in the larger expressive arts community upon committee approval.

The current Publications Co-Chairs are Claire Polansky and Judson Davis, and they can be reached by e-mail at publications@ieata.org.

Deadline for submissions:

Edition 1: March 1st 
Edition 2: September 1st 


Creative Contributions

We welcome artistic contributions in single or multiple modalities that inform or depict expressive arts work. 

Contributions may include:
•   Visual artwork must be submitted in digital format (JPG,PNG, or GIF).
•   Audio or video contributions that can be accessed online must be submitted by forwarding the link or full URL.  
•   Poetry and narrative contributions must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.  

E-mail your contribution to publications@ieata.org Please state "IEATA NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION" in your subject line. NO DISCS OR HARD COPIES PLEASE! 

Editorial Contributions

We welcome articles and editorial contributions concerning expressive arts issues and developments, and IEATA committee reports.

All contributions must be submitted as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) files only, and are limited to 3000 words per article. Multi-media contributions are encouraged.  Images must be submitted in digital format (JPG, PNG, or GIF), and audio or video files that can be accessed online must be submitted by forwarding the link or full URL.  

All written submissions must be in English (with the exception of the Ripening Seeds Column; see below). Submissions are subject to editing for length and content at the Editors’ discretion. Contributors must notify editors if a contribution has also been submitted to another publication. 

Contributions may include:
•   Notes from the Field: Reflections or commentaries concerning the process of engaging in the Expressive Arts, from the viewpoint of student, artist, intern, supervisor, consultant, educator, therapist, activist, client, etc.
•   Student News, Views, & Muse: Reflections or commentaries concerning issues, views, and the perspectives of those currently studying to become Expressive Arts therapists, artists, educators and consultants.  
•   Professional Exchange: Professional reflections or commentaries concerning new approaches, certification, professional development, trends, historical reflections, ethics, and other developing issues from practicing Expressive Arts therapists, artists, educators and consultants.
•   IEATA Committee Reports: Communications from the ECC’s and IEATA Co-Chairs concerning new developments and the ongoing work of each committee.
•   Book Reviews: Short (500 words) reviews of new books related to expressive arts or related topics that provide both descriptive and critical commentary concerning the relevance of the book to expressive arts practices.  Please contact the Publications Co-Chairs at publications@ieata.org if you are interested in writing or recommending a new book for review.
•   Ripening Seeds Column: The Ripening Seeds column highlights different approaches to expressive arts as depicted by those nested within particular cultures or regions of the world.  The Ripening Seeds contributions have spanned the continental Americas, and Asia, and each column has been shared in the author’s mother tongue as well as in English. Kate Donohue, the editor of this column, hopes to include more perspectives from around the world in order to promote intercultural understandings. Please contact Kate at kate@kate-donohue.com to discuss your ideas and interest to share your voice in this important dialogue among IEATA members.

E-mail your contribution to publications@ieata.org Please state "IEATA NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION" in your subject line. NO DISCS OR HARD COPIES PLEASE! 


Please send all color digital format ads to publications@ieata.org. We are no longer accepting PDF files. Please send JPG or PNG only.

$30 for business-card      
$50 for ¼ page
$100 for ½ page
$200 for full page

Please mail a check to:

P.O. Box 40707
San Francisco, California

Payment must be received prior to publication!  Sorry, no exceptions.

Newsletter Announcements and E-News Submissions

The IEATA E-News is a forum designed to promote connections within the expressive arts community, and to share news and upcoming events.  Submissions are welcome four times a year and will be distributed via e-mail to members and friends of IEATA. The March and September E-News will be sent as “Announcements” in conjunction with the Electronic Newsletter e-mail. The June and December E-News will be distributed as the E-News via e-mail.  

Deadline for submissions:

  • March 1st  (in conjunction with Newsletter Edition 1)
  • June 1st  (E-news)
  • September 1st (in conjunction with Newsletter Edition 2)
  • December 1st  (E-news)

Contributions may include:
•   Regional Group News: Regional networking events and announcements from regional groups.
•   Committee News: Announcements from the committees including openings for IEATA Board Co-Chair positions.
  Entertainment News: Postings of art shows, exhibitions, concerts, plays, performances, and other events.
•   Career News: Job postings, internships, career fairs, and networking events.
•   Professional Development News: Postings of workshops, classes, group therapy, programs, book releases, grant information, calls for papers/submissions.
•   Other News: Any other time-sensitive information that may benefit the IEATA community.

Announcements are limited to 100 words (including links), and may be edited for clarity and placement purposes.  Visual, audio, and video content will not be published, but may be embedded as a link in the text of the message.  Please include the full link or URL.  Some submissions may be redirected to the website bulletin board, Memberclicks forum, or the IEATA Newsletter as appropriate. 

E-mail your contribution to publications@ieata.org. Please state "IEATA E-NEWS SUBMISSION" in your subject line. NO DISCS OR HARD COPIES PLEASE! 



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